Introducing the GDM™ 30M Rifle Suppressor from Guardian Defense Mfg.

The GDM™ 30M suppressor offers balanced performance, providing a high level of sound suppression and maneuverability. Its mid-length design makes it versatile for different shooting situations. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for shooters who prioritize mobility while still enjoying improved sound suppression and recoil reduction.

Crafted in our Dayton, OH facility, this suppressor offers industry-leading sound suppression, lightweight design, and remarkable affordability. With a lifetime defect warranty and independent testing for reliability, it ensures peak performance for shooters.

The innovative Interchangeable Muzzle Nut allows easy customization, optimizing the suppressor for various calibers (6.5, 5.56, .30, and 6.0). Made from fusion-welded 6Al 4V Grade 5 Titanium, the GDM™ 30M promises durability without compromise.

Elevate your shooting experience with this cutting-edge suppressor, proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Introducing the GDM™ 30M Rifle Suppressor (part of the new GDM™ 30 series) from Guardian Defense Mfg, proudly crafted in our Dayton, OH family/veteran-owned facility.

The new GDM™ 30 series suppressors are designed to provide industry-leading sound suppression, lightweight, affordability, and compatibility with various mounting systems. The suppressors have been independently tested by a 3rd party source to ensure objective data.

The GDM™ 30 series comes in three different lengths to cater to different applications: short, mid-length, and long. This gives the end user the flexibility to choose the optimal sound suppressor for their specific needs. Moreover, the suppressors are made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance.

One of the key features of the 30 series is the innovative Interchangeable Muzzle Nut. This feature allows users to optimize the suppressor’s performance based on the caliber they are shooting. The package includes a 30 Cal Muzzle Nut, and additional muzzle nuts for calibers like 6.5, 5.56, and 6.0 can be purchased separately. The caliber nut can also be removed using the included wrench, providing the end user the ability to repair their suppressor in the event of an end cap strike.

The GDM™ 30 series is constructed from Fusion Welded 6Al 4V Grade 5 Titanium, which ensures strength and durability while keeping the weight in check. The weights of the different models are as follows: GDM™ 30K weighs 11.5oz, GDM™ 30M weighs 15oz, and GDM™ 30L weighs 18.5oz. The lengths of the suppressors are as follows: GDM™ 30K is 6.45” long, GDM™ 30M is 8” long, and GDM™ 30L is 9.5” long. The diameter of the suppressors is 1.612 inches.

Guardian Defense Mfg takes pride in manufacturing the GDM™ suppressors in their family/veteran-owned facility in Dayton, Ohio. This ensures that every aspect of the suppressor, from design and manufacturing to welding and final packaging, is achieved with a focus on delivering innovative products with rock-solid dependability, all proudly made in the USA. The suppressors also come with a lifetime defect warranty, providing additional peace of mind to the customers.

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During the checkout process, please enter an FFL dealer’s address in the shipping address fields where you wish the suppressors to be shipped. Entering a personal residence in the shipping address fields can result in the order being canceled. Please note, we cannot ship to the following states: CA, DC, DE, HI, IL, MA, NJ, NY, or RI.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in
Product Length

8 inches

Product Weight

15 oz

Product Diameter

1.612 inches


Fusion Welded 6Al 4V Grade 5 Titanium


5/8 x 24 Direct Thread (HUB 1.375 x 24)

End Cap

.30 Muzzle Nut

Caliber Rating

5.56 – .300 Win Mag

Complimentary Accessories

***The 30 series introduces an innovative Interchangeable Muzzle Nut (6.5, 5.56, .30 and 6.0)(caliber nut).

This will allow you to optimize the suppressor, based on the caliber you are shooting. It allows the
 end user the ability to repair their own suppressor, in the event of an end cap strike, by removing the caliber nut with the included wrench. (30 Cal Muzzle Included, 6.5, 5.56 & 6.0 sold separately) ***


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